Get access to loyalty concepts in Norway

At DKNO Partners, we can offer you a great start-up that will give your company a good marketing in Norway, as well as a good and cost-free building of your brand in the Norwegian market. We can do this through our approach to Norway's largest loyalty concept. This loyalty concept is linked up with a number of banks and major companies, which through closed channels, directly target approximately 1.5 million end consumers in Norway.

Some of our channels are:

  • Savings Bank1
  • Danske bank in Norway
  • Ikanobank
  • Santander
  • LOS
  • Net News

How do you get started? Contact us on +45 25 51 87 83 for more information.

Land directly in the mailbox in Kristiansand

4-5 times a year we produce a newspaper about Denmark which is distributed in Kristiansand.

Newspapers may have different themes from time to time, but are generally about Denmark and help generate publicity and good traffic to

- Destinations or regions

- attractions

- Shops

- And other good things Denmark has to offer.

Through the newspaper you get a good presentation of your company. In addition, you get a unique way to market yourself, where your ads are delivered directly to households in Kristiansand. The visibility of this approach is very high and you will get increased traffic from the Norwegians.

Digital marketing channels, such as Facebook and other social media, can quickly become overloaded with ads. So it often takes much more effort, both in time and money, to achieve the same visibility and to avoid your message disappearing quickly.

Affiliates and marketplaces in Norway - How does it work?

For companies that want to reach the Norwegian market

Expanding your business to the Norwegian market can open up a number of exciting opportunities, but it can also be a challenging process to get started. One of the most effective ways to reach consumers in the country of origin is by working with affiliates and marketplaces in Norway.

What are affiliates?

Affiliates are partners who promote your products or services on their own channels for a commission. This can be anything from blogs and social media to dedicated websites and online magazines. When a user decides to purchase a product or service through an affiliate link, the affiliate partner receives a percentage of the sale.

How does it work?

When you work with affiliates in Norway, they help promote your products or services on relevant content platforms for Norwegian consumers. This can be in areas such as fashion, electronics or travel. By working with affiliates, you can gain access to their large network and existing customer base. This is an effective way to increase visibility and sales of your products in Norway.

Marketplaces in Norway work in a similar way to affiliates, but instead of promoting your products on their own content platform, they offer a platform where you can list and sell products directly to consumers. When a customer buys a product on the marketplace, you ship the item to the customer and the marketplace takes care of payment and customer service.

What are the benefits of using affiliates and marketplaces in Norway?

One of the biggest benefits of using affiliates and marketplaces is that you can reach your target audience in a credible and effective way. Affiliates and marketplaces already have a loyal following who trust their recommendations and are happy to buy products they recommend.

Using affiliates and marketplaces also gives you the opportunity to increase your visibility and reach in Norway. These platforms are often well known and visited by potential buyers looking for specific products or services.

How can DKNO Partner help?

At DKNO Partner, we specialize in helping companies expand their business to Norway. We have an extensive network and knowledge of the Norwegian market, including working with affiliates and marketplaces. Our expertise and experience allows us to tailor solutions that meet your needs and goals.

Our team of professionals can help you identify the best affiliates and marketplaces that fit your products or services. We can also help you set up and manage the collaboration between you and your partners.

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Linkbuilding in Norway - How to find the right sites or pages in Norway

For companies that want to market themselves in the Norwegian market

DKNO Partner specializes in helping companies bridge the gap between Denmark and Norway. With our extensive network and knowledge of the Norwegian market, we offer tailored solutions to meet your specific needs.

What is link building?

Link building is a method of online marketing that involves building quality links from external websites to your own website. These links help increase the visibility of your website in search engines and can drive traffic and authority to your business website.

Why is link building important?

In today's digital landscape, link building is essential for businesses looking to improve their online presence. By building relevant and authoritative links, you can improve your ranking in search results, increase traffic to your website and create greater visibility for your business.

How does link building work in Norway?

When it comes to building links in Norway, it's important to understand the Norwegian market and culture in order to find the right places and pages to build links from. Here are some tips for getting started with link building in Norway:

1. research and identify relevant websites

Start by researching and identifying relevant Norwegian websites within your industry. This can be done by performing searches on Norwegian search engines and identifying the most authoritative sites in your field. Keep in mind that it is important to choose websites that are relevant to your business and have good credibility.

2. Contact the relevant websites

Once you've identified the relevant websites, it's important to contact them and present your company and your offerings. Write a personalized email describing why working with your company will benefit them. Be polite and professional in your communication and be prepared to follow up several times to secure a collaboration.

3. Create unique and valuable content

To motivate other websites to link to yours, it's important to create unique and valuable content. This can be articles, blog posts, infographics or videos. The more interesting and informative the content, the more likely it is that other websites will link to it.

4. Participation in relevant online debates and forums

Another effective way to build links in Norway is to participate in relevant online debates and forums. These can be industry-specific forums where you can contribute your expertise and promote your business at the same time. Always be honest, helpful and avoid spammy behavior as it can damage your reputation and link building efforts.