With newsletters you get a channel of your own

Using newsletters as part of your marketing strategy gives you a unique way to stay in touch with existing, past and potential customers. We recommend that you advertise relatively quickly through different channels, targeting more people to sign up to your newsletter.

At DKNO, we offer to help you get started with newsletters. We can help your company with:

  • to compose newsletters

  • to set up newsletters in selected systems

  • to make statistics and continuously optimise the newsletters

  • to set up lead advertising to get subscriptions to the newsletters.

  • developing graphics and setting them up in newsletters

Why not just use Facebook or the website?

It's important to have a Facebook page as well, and at the same time provide new relevant content on your website. Now, not all of your potential customers, or existing customers, come by Facebook and the website every day.

A newsletter also allows you to see how many people open it, who clicks on links in the newsletter, and keep statistics on various things.

It's your own channel, so you don't need to be equally aware of changes to the way Facebook displays your content, for example.

news emails

How often should you send a newsletter?

There is no set list for how many newsletters you should send. It can depend on many different things. So it's something we need to look at together, and based on our advice and your wishes, we'll find a level that's appropriate.