Networks in Norway and Denmark

DKNO Partners was founded by Eli Mandt Rømer, originally from Norway.

Eli has worked in Denmark, in the travel and holiday industry, for 20 years. Here she has gained experience with loyalty programs and benefit cards for various industries and media in Norway. Through this work, Eli has built a network in Norway, which is one of the strongest competencies for DKNO Partners.

"DKNO Partners has been around for 10 years and came about when many in my network of Danish companies wanted to get started quickly and economically on the Norwegian market. Here I could use my knowledge of the Norwegian market. Gradually this grew and today we are a number of consultants assigned to different industries in the Norwegian market."

Many companies fear the Norwegian market, but once you know the process and which channels to use, Norway is a very good, strong and loyal market.

There are of course many areas where Denmark and Norway are very similar, but there are also big differences in culture, networks, loyalty, sales and marketing, and the establishment itself.

Over time, we at DKNO Partners have learned what works and what doesn't. What is a real need and what is not really necessary. Knowing what matters can save you a lot of time and money.

We have a very large network within sales and marketing channels in Norway. We know the importance of translating texts into correct Norwegian, as well as the construction of text in the context of SEO.

DKNO Partners is also a consultant for Business Broen and Væksthuset Nord.