What does a Norwegian domain require?

Danish companies that want to buy a Norwegian domain are faced with certain requirements and obligations.

Registering a Norwegian domain

When Danish companies want to expand their business to Norway, it is important to have a Norwegian domain name. To register a Norwegian domain, certain requirements and rules must be met.

First and foremost, Danish companies must have a registered name and a valid business registration in Denmark. This is essential to ensure that the domain is registered in the company's name and not in the name of individuals or unauthorized third parties.

CVR number and registration in Norway

A Danish CVR number is not sufficient to register a Norwegian domain. Danish companies must also have a registration in the Norwegian Register of Legal Entities, called the Register of Legal Entities. This is an online database that contains information about all registered companies in Norway.

To be registered in the Register of Legal Entities, Danish companies must have a legal connection to Norway, either by having a branch, subsidiary or other form of business activity in the country.

Norwegian contact person

Another requirement for buying a Norwegian domain is to have a Norwegian contact person. This person must have a Norwegian social security number or D-number and be a resident of Norway.

The role of the Norwegian contact person is to be the link between Danish companies and the Norwegian domain registry, Norid.

Compliance with Norwegian law

Finally, Danish companies that purchase a Norwegian domain must comply with Norwegian law. This includes respecting Norwegian trademark rights, personal data regulations and other relevant laws and regulations.

It is important for Danish companies to be aware of these requirements and obligations when looking to purchase a Norwegian domain. By complying with the rules, Danish companies can achieve a credible presence in the Norwegian market and build a bridge between Denmark and Norway.

Choosing a domain for the Norwegian market

If you want to run a Norwegian webshop or other business aimed at the Norwegian market, it is usually best to create a .no domain. You can register your domain as soon as you have received your Norwegian organisation number. Remember to make sure your domain name sounds right in Norwegian so you don't get misunderstood.

There are several places where you can check if your desired domain name is available. If you are not sure where to look, please contact us!

We use domain registrars to register both Norwegian and other domains. This is an affordable solution, compared to competitors abroad, so there is no need to search for foreign web hosting or domain registrars, as the price with Norwegian providers is significantly higher.

When you choose us, we make sure:

- That you get the best protection for your domain

- That you are guaranteed legal ownership of the domain

- That your domain is renewed

It may take some time for your company to be registered in Norway, so contact us today and we will help you get started. Feel free to call us on +45 51 25 87 83 or to fill in the contact form on this page. Read more about our team here.

Checklist for
domain registration

  • Get a Norwegian postal address

  • Get a Norwegian organisation number

  • Create in .no domain, which sounds right in Norwegian

  • Make sure you choose a trustworthy domain registrar to avoid problems later

Norwegian domain

Norwegian domain - get guided here

When you start a business, you need to know your domain. You need to in Denmark - and you need to in Norway. A domain is a company's unique name that appears on various online channels. It is the name that appears at the top of the browser when you visit a website. It appears in the URL address field, which shows that you are on the right website. There are no two of the same URL or multiple pages with the same domain name. It costs a small amount per year to hold a domain. The '.no' domain costs NOK 240 per year, which is not noticeable for a company. However, it is important to pay it so that you retain the right to the domain. It is also essential if you want to have a Norwegian website that sells in Norway.

At DKNO Partners, we offer to help with the procurement of a Norwegian domain. We'll find you the right domain and make sure everything is in order so you don't have to worry about it. This way, you get a Norwegian domain without having to worry about any errors. We also make sure that everything is in order with the URL, that is your new website's web address. 

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