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We help your business bridge Denmark and Norway

At DKNO, we have built up a good network over many years, with good partnerships across the countries, as well as a great knowledge of the Norwegian market. We are therefore able to deliver a tailor-made product that is adapted to your company. Our strong relationships help to create great benefits for your business and we match your business with relevant networks, products and channels, so you get the best possible start in the Norwegian market

Norway Startup

If you are planning to start up on the Norwegian market? We can provide you with our large network and skilled specialists, we give your business the best starting point.

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It is important that you adapt your marketing to the Norwegian market. We know what works, so your business will achieve greater visibility and sales in Norway.

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It is absolutely essential that your website and other marketing materials are translated correctly in order to gain credibility in the Norwegian market.

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There are many considerations associated with your IT solutions. We help you with efficient, fast and sustainable solutions to increase your sales and competitive visibility.

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From contact to contract

DKNO Partners enables your company to create the right and relevant contacts in Norway, based on your specific goals and wishes.

We'll help you make the connection and let you decide how far along you want our advice - whether it's just in the start-up phase or all the way to the final contract. Contact us today and get started quickly on the Norwegian market.

contact to contract

Take advantage of our network and expertise

There are several ways to get started in Norway, and you decide how much you want to involve DKNO Partners in your process.

We can offer to be your extension throughout the process, advise you from the sidelines, or make the first contact to point you in the right direction.

Have you already tried to get started on the Norwegian market, but got stuck? We'll help you get started again and guide you in the right direction.

We have the network for you who want to get started in the Norwegian market and create growth, so do not hesitate to contact us!

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